How Rocket Docket Helps Lawyers Save Time

In today’s demanding legal market, efficiency is everything. Tools that reduce unnecessary paperwork and repetitive tasks are essential to a successful legal practice.


Does Lawyer Productivity Increase Revenue?

We hear about “productivity” all the time: being “productive” is a good thing, whether it’s attributed to an idea, a statement, an employee, or an experience. And being “not productive” is generally a bad thing: something is either a waste of time or simply not as helpful as it could be.



Tip of the Week: Save Time With Automation Software

There are always more clients to be retained, more legal experience to be gained, more areas of ever-developing law to be learned, and more of your business to be grown. But there is one thing that there is not more of, no matter how you slice it: hours in the day.



Are Your Automated Uncontested Divorce Forms Updated To Reflect New Law?

In 2015, the New York legislature enacted new rules which have an enormous effect on how uncontested divorces in New York are resolved. Specifically, starting in January and March 2016, the uncontested divorce forms in New York change, and the state courts no longer accept many of the outdated forms relating to spousal maintenance, child support, and certain notices and affidavits.



Cybersecurity for Law Firms

We hear about the big data breaches in the news because they affect so many people – breaches at Target, Home Depot, JPMorgan and elsewhere compromised the accounts of hundreds of millions of customers in just the past few years, costing billions of dollars in damage.



Uncontested New York Divorce and Family Forms for Lawyers

As you know New York (DRL) divorce, maintenance and child support statutes changed in October 2015 and again in January 2016. These changes affected the formulas used to compute maintenance and child support.



Legal Documentation Automation - The Answer for New York Attorneys

In decades past, many lawyers have generated legal documents using a time-honored method of modifying an existing, saved document for a new case or client. Some attorneys have used templates for frequently produced documents, manually filling in the blanks with specific case information, one document at a time. Fortunately for New York lawyers and their support staff, times have changed with advanced technology.



Automated Foreclosure Forms for New York Law Firms

Foreclosures were filed on nearly 1.1 million U.S. properties in 2015, as reported by RealtyTrac, and the foreclosure rate was up by 24% in the state of New York. These rising statistics mean more work for New York foreclosure attorneys, whether prosecuting or defending, and the more cases a law firm can handle, the more profitable a practice will be.



Automate Your Legal Documents and Streamline Your Practice

The practice of law encompasses a number of divergent practice areas. Attorneys work in widely varying legal fields, but they all have one thing in common — the need to produce high-quality legal documents, quickly, efficiently, and accurately. With new technology in the 21st Century, you can automate legal documents and bring a whole new era of efficiency and profitability to your practice.



New York Lawyers Can Choose Automated Foreclosure Forms for Error-Free Document Production

 Any New York lawyer who handles foreclosures knows that this is a paperwork-intensive practice area. Whether prosecuting or defending, foreclosure attorneys deal with a mountain of pleadings and forms, all of which need to be free of errors. With New York automated foreclosure forms, attorneys can now produce error-free documents in just a fraction of the time.



Why Work Harder? Legal Automated Documents Save Time and Money

The practice of law is not an easy profession. Attorneys assume tremendous responsibility for their clients. They work in demanding situations, under heavy pressure, for long hours in many cases. Why make it harder by using outmoded methods to create the documents you need in your practice? New technology in the form of legal automated documents can save you time and money and make your professional life easier.



A New Day for New York Lawyers: Automated Criminal Forms

A new day has dawned for criminal defense lawyers in the state of New York. Thanks to modern technology and New York automated criminal forms, you now have access to everything you need to open, draft, negotiate, litigate, and close your cases with a minimum of time and effort.



New York Lawyers Gain Access to Automated Business Forms

 Whether you are forming a new business, drafting or revising a contract, protecting intellectual property, or buying and selling, the practice of business law involves a lot of paperwork. With access to 21st Century technology in the form of automated New York business forms, your practice can now run faster, smoother, and with greater profitability.








"Everything I need is completed with a click of the mouse. Now, I use Rocket Docket for everything and I save a significant amount of my time and have much more time for my family."

- Rachel A. Rappazzo, Esq.
The Rappazzo Law Firm, PLLC


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